• Bryan Tims

The Olivet Discourse Decoded: Book Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I recently finished reading this second book in a series by author David Nikao Wilcoxson. I've already posted an earlier article covering the first book, The 70th Week of Daniel Decoded.

Many modern day preachers make tons of money on dramatized future-based prophecy books and movies. They teach doctrines such as the (pre-tribulation) rapture, a 7 year final tribulation period, the rebuilding of a 3rd Jewish temple, and much more. Wilcoxson reveals that such views are not based on scripture. The primary focus of the book is regarding Messiah's prophecy in Matt. 24:34 "this generation will not pass away, until ALL these things be fulfilled." He shows via history that Messiah's words indeed were fulfilled as prophesied.

Please listen to this quick podcast for an overview. If you can afford the book on Amazon or Kindle, I highly recommend reading this book and the series.

For more information please visit the authors website at: https://theolivetdiscourse.com/

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