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The Epistle of Jeremiah / Yirmeyahu

I wanted to share this epistle that I've highly enjoyed reading. I have made a recording of the reading of this on my podcast and the images of the two Hebrew-roots translations from the eth Cepher, and from the Restoration Scriptures True Name 7th Red Letter Edition (RSTNE) are included. As I mentioned in my podcast Introduction for this series, this epistle is sometimes included at the end of the book of Baruch (1 Baruch) as a chapter 6, such as in the RSTNE. Others have this as a stand alone letter as the eth Cepher does after the book of Jeremiah/Yirmeyahu. The reading is from the eth Cepher since the increased Hebrew words of the RSTNE is difficult to read/pronounce and will confuse many people.

Audio Podcast below:

Eth Cepher pages to follow alone below:

RSTNE version below to research also (in Baruch chapter 6):

Be Blessed in Yahusha the Messiah!

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