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Supernatural Junkies

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This post covers the real concern that so called Christianity has been overrun by what I will call, Supernatural Junkies. Similarly, like junkies on drugs, alcohol, or snack cakes, yet Supernatural Junkies (SJ) are addicted to anything that promises a spiritual experience or high. Many of these practices can only have the full effect by watching it for yourself. Please, make sure to watch each video so you know how to discern the truth from the lie. Otherwise, you won't fully comprehend these manifestations and false teachings.

Supernatural Junkies seek any spiritual experience

Obsession with the Supernatural

Within the Christian Church today exists a motivation to seek out any experience that seems new, real, trilling, and outside the status quo. Foundational doctrines of scriptures are increasingly looked at as boring, old news, and outdated material and beliefs.

Increasingly, in many pulpits across American and around the world, we hear New Age teachings being preached. New Age techniques have flooded the church, such as, meditation, positive thinking, yoga, visualization, grave soaking/sucking, tarot cards, prophecies of the month (akin to fortune cookies), Kundalini spirits (falsely being called the Holy Spirit), and much more.

Since they don’t actually have any real power (especially over sin), they like the promise of powers to perform miracles like Messiah did. Such miraculous acts never actually come into fruition of course, but by rumor and distant testimonies. Organizations of this new age church culture exhibit many of the signs that will be covered in this post. Watch this video showing Christians accepting occult practices:

Truth About Occult Video (for mobile)

Kundalini Spirit These followers are often swept up into trance-like states (like meditation and yoga) that can cause Kundalini (demonic) possession which causes uncontrollable body movements, extreme laughter or screams, and even making animal noises. This movement teaches and believes that the signs of the Kundalini are actually signs of the Holy Spirit. Yet, biblically we know the Holy Spirit‘s fruits are love, patience, self-control, etc. which has nothing to do with these signs of lack of self-control. The same manifestations are seen in Eastern religions such as Hinduism. Check-out this quick video overview of the Kundalini spirit in our churches:

Kundalini Video (for mobile) False Signs and Lying Wonders Leaders of large churches within this SJ movement often preach about miracles they have been apart of that provides the congregation a sense they are in a place of God. One such popular evangelist is Todd White, who claims to straighten peoples legs out. He randomly locates relatively healthy people on the street and through hat-tricks and manipulation, he convinces them that one leg is slightly shorter then the other leg. He prays in the name of Jesus to grow the short leg (usually slightly pulling out the shoes heal is the trick), to deceive the person that they received a healing. The fact Todd White ignores those in wheelchairs, dying in hospital beds, should give us the proof we need that he’s a false teacher. He is just one example of many using such false healing methods within the church today.

Please watch this video on Todd White:

Todd White Video (for mobile)

I was about to add that these deceivers also avoid cemeteries, since that’s the ideal place to raise the dead (as some claim they have attempted to do). On the contrary, some don’t avoid cemeteries, but rather now actively locate dead evangelists‘ graves to lay on top of them to suck up their “anointing” in what’s being called, “grave soaking“ or “grave sucking.” Rumors are that many top leaders in this movement (even Benny Hinn's wife) have secretly performed this practice, which is more closely related to the occult and voodoo then biblical Christianity. Watch this video on Bethel Church in Redding, CA who practices grave soaking (among other dark practices);

Grave Soaking Video (for mobile) Drunkenness in the Spirit Another lie of the enemy is that the Holy Spirit causes a state of “drunkenness” and “heaviness” as taught by Pastor John Crowder. He’s been known to exhibit all of the manifestations of the Kundalini spirit, even the extreme animal (or strange “Oi Oi”) sounds like these videos will demonstrate. These are highly disturbing.

Mystic John Crowder - Part 1 (for mobile)

Optional additional videos on John Crowder, for those willing to dig deeper, include; Mystic John Crowder - Part 2 Crowder Mystic Communion Highly Unusual Healing Practices Another popular false teacher who was well known for his violent healing tactics is, Todd Bentley. He brags about kicking and punching people In the name of Jesus for their supposed healings while claiming that God told him to do these acts;

Todd Bentley Video (for mobile)

Another strange technique being used in our churches is called, a Fire Tunnel. Of course, no scripture teaches this concept, but since when did that matter with Supernatural Junkies? Check-out this quick recap on this practice;

Fire Tunnel Video (for mobile)

Visualization Techniques (an open door)

While worshiping in a non-denominational Christian church in Norman, OK, a pastor got up to pray. He tells the congregation to “visualize Jesus…” which highly concerned me. My 11 year old daughter was with me, so I leaned over and whispered to her, “No, we don’t visualize God or Jesus because that’s idolatry.” Yet, such teachings are inundating today's church experience. Such techniques are not found in the Bible but rather in Eastern Mysticism and the New Age Movement (NAM). In fact, “Shamanistic visualization is an attempt to create or manipulate the physical world by the practice of “mental alchemy” which includes teachings such as the Silva Learning System (formally called Silva Mind Control for a good reason), Mind Dynamics, and many others (Seduction of Christianity, p 138).

Have any doubts in what I am claiming? Let me ask a simple question. If a pastor asks a congregation of 100 people to “visualize God or Jesus,” how many total versions of God/Jesus will be produced? If you said, 100, you are correct. What if it’s a congregation of 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000? This concept should be a real concern by now. In addition, we know that the bible says that Messiah is “the image of the invisible God”(Col. 1:15). This confirms that God is invisible. We only have some scriptures describing the risen Messiah in the book of Revelations. These were not written for people to visualize Him as if the risen Messiah is at our beckon call like some bellhop. This is exactly the mentality of the new old age movement. This actually dishonors our risen savior to treat Him like some apparition. Messiah is living and in His glorified body. Would you “imagine” the current President of the United States to be standing before you and still believe it is actually him? The sheer gullibility to presume such things should be appalling to believers. And yet, churches all over the U.S. have fell into this trap of visualization and imagination techniques. This is a doctrine of demons that espouses the same lie from the garden of Eden. To become “like God” is the ultimate goal of the New Old Age. This movement is based on ancient Hinduism. To make bold statements like, “be your own creator” and “create your own universe” dishonors the one true God. Their own claims often fall flat as most of what they “imagine” never comes into being. Then, it must be a lack of faith, or they need to visualize with more details. Or, the simple answer (that few want to hear) is that the New Age is all a farce to begin with. Surely, one “inner guide” would not lead you astray, right? Unless your guide is actually a demon coming as an angel of light. Does ones guides' message agree with the Bible on the topics of sin, salvation (only through Messiah), resurrection (instead of reincarnation), and a one Holy Creator? The answer for all of these is, No, if it’s a New Age spiritual guide and for good reason. This movement is no revival but a grand deception for our last days. For those who prefer the lie, they will be swept away in occultism. With a “sense of holiness” perfectly describes our yoga mat toting, zen meditating, vegan preaching and spiritual fanatics of our current generation. It’s being called the “Me Generation" for a reason, and the NAM has a lot to do with this.

In fact, many NAM book authors often attribute their books to their spirit guides. Even the famous Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” was crafted by a guide. David Conway proudly writes that the technique of visualization one must “master if you are to make any progress at all in magic...and channel the elemental energy we need down onto the physical plane” (Seduction of Christianity, p 142). Such key words used as “magic,” “channel” (channeling), an “elemental energy” should all be highly telling for any true Bible-reading Christian. These things are associated with the unbelievers and the defiled in the Scriptures.

“Whether practiced by Christians or non-Christians, visualization is purely an occult technique offering a substitute source of power, knowledge, and healing, which, if it could be realized, would make man a god in his own right, independent of his Creator (Seduction of Christianity, p 143).

Jeremiah perfectly describes false prophets of today, “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, not from the mouth of the Lord” (Jer. 23:16, NASB).

Such deceivers have their own vision that is not of YHUH (YaHUaH). In fact, such teachings that lead people away from the biblical description of God, are “doctrines of demons.” NAM promoters claim that anyone can create their own reality through visualization. Perhaps if we focus for a minute on ‘what’ these people are trying to bring into reality. Is it not items of personal gain such as success, wealth, health, and fame? It’s all about ‘me’ and people are perplexed about our next generation being labeled the “Me Generation.” They have been raised with such teachings permeating throughout media, school, libraries, and most spiritual books. Add the quick access to (human) knowledge via technology and children feel empowered. Sadly, a false sense of truth can be gained from online, when in reality, it retorts self-proclaimed experts. Scientism is a perfect example of this. Well known Christian writer, Calvin Miller once wrote about imagining Christ. The Christ he envisioned had a white robe, auburn hair and hazel eyes. How wonderful. He then states boldly, “What? Do you disagree? His hair is black? Eyes brown? Then have it your way...His image must be real to you as to me, even if our images differ” (2, p 161, bolded for emphasis). This was no Burger King commercial.

If visualizing Messiah is merely an aid to faith as some suggest, then how is this different from an icon, totem, or carved idol of wood or stone? Dave Hunt asked a profound question,

“If reality can actually be created or manipulated by visualization, this would allow everyone to play God with the universe. What would happen when competing realities were being visualized by different persons?” Then he concludes that with “human ego” involved, the results would likely be “hell on earth” (Seduction of Christianity, p 148).

The New Age Movement (NAM) has historically promoted psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, and peyote. Teachers of this believe such drugs effects allow the human mind to become more open to the psychic realm, inner guides, light healers, aliens, and other manifestations. Yet, as Believers we know that Exodus 20 forbids making idols to worship as gods, even the one true Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When the rebellious Israelite's made the golden calf, Aaron told Moses that the people gave him gold and he placed it in the fire and a golden calf came out. Was that what really happened? Of course not, the golden calf was “visualized” by Aaron (or someone he was protecting). Idols don’t make themselves.

Even well known leaders in the Christian church “promote and defend visualization” while they refuse to acknowledge such teachings are “demonically inspired and unalterably hostile to Christianity (Seduction of Christianity, p. 140). Such false teachers often claim that shamanistic visualization is the counterfeit of God’s truth. Dave Hunt refutes this easily, “there is no true visualization taught or practiced in the Bible for Satan to counterfeit; visualization is as absent from Scripture as it has always been present in the occult” and again “Biblical Christianity alone stands outside of and in opposition to these pagan traditions” (Seduction of Christianity, p 140-141).

Disagree that visualization is harmful for ones spiritual walk with Christ? “Psychic healers...stress that “visualization is one of the most potent and widely used techniques in [psychic] healing” and that practice of “visual imagination is a regular part of training for psychics and healers in...Spiritist churches” (Seduction of Christianity, p 141). Messiah was no psychic like many New Age believers' may claim. When in Scripture did He give us precise instructions on these techniques that would allow us to become like gods (and like Messiah)? Such an important teaching at the center of "Christ-mindedness" must also be at the center of our holy scriptures. Yet, the Bible teaches the exact opposite, that witches, sorcerers, and false prophets will not inherit eternal life. Even the Apostle Paul’s vision of Messiah helped prove “the resurrection” (1 Cor. 15) of Him in bodily form, and not some mythical ghost that can be summoned whenever our heart desires. In the bible, when anyone including prophets of Elohim (God), came into contact with an angel, or God’s presence, what was their reaction? They often fell down as dead, becoming too weak to even stand in the presence of holiness. They could seldom even speak unless helped by the touch of an angel. Understanding this, when one visualizes Jesus or God, are we taught that this is how it should be? Absolutely not. Rather, NAM teaches that "a loving Jesus wants a hug" whether you have truly repented or not. While the Bible does teach that Elohim (God) is love, it also balances that with a God that must judge sin because of His holiness.

“Visualization brings surprisingly easy contact with what witch doctors and other shamans have always called “spirits” while “modern man follows the same shamanistic procedures and contacts the same “spirits” but calls them “inner guides” or “imaginary guides” (Seduction of Christianity, p 159). Christians are fooled into this technique that opens demonic doorways into the spiritual realm that goes back to ancient times. If you want a sense of power, fame, and fortune, Satan will deliver those things so long as you forsake the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His only Son, Yahusha Messiah.

Note that in all of scripture we are not taught the techniques of visualization, Eastern meditation, enchantments or channeling unless it's in a reprimand to avoid such things. Sure, the New Age movement will take one or two scriptures and manipulate them to help justify their belief. Satan himself manipulated scripture in an attempt deceive Messiah. Make no mistake, our enemy knows Scriptures very well and he will use it to benefit him and his kingdom of darkness. Be not deceived my friends as we must take scripture in whole and not allow the enemy any possible gateway into our lives.

In closing, I saved this very important video for last largely because it's lengthy (1 hour, 43 min.). Yet, I highly encourage you to listen to the entire video, even if you finish it later.

Dave Hunt - Seducing Spirits & Doctrines of Devils (for mobile)

Be Blessed in Yahusha Messiah!

- Bryan Timsah

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