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Positive Thinking Biblical?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020


A wonderful book that helped open my eyes to many modern day deceptions was called, Occult Invasion, by Dave Hunt (1998). A major topic Dave Hunt tackles that is seldom spoken about within the church is on psychology and the positive thinking doctrine.

Is positive thinking a biblical concept?


Among all of this craziness occurring in the modern churches, a key item of vital importance often remains unused and/or misused; the Holy Bible. Such false teachers often leave their bibles on the podium while sharing personal stories, puns, cheesy jokes, and motivational speeches. They may occasionally share a verse of two, or often a small phrase that is more easily manipulated. Christ never taught psychology, even if someone labels it "Christian" as in Christian Psychology. This still doesn't make it biblical.

Let's hear a quick video (9:50 minutes) on how psychology has infiltrated the modern church and is one of the greatest scheme's of the enemy;

Is Psychology Satan's Greatest Scheme? by Dave Hunt (mobile link)

Positive Thinking / Thought

One topic Hunt was great on is the teaching of positive thinking. He laughingly mocks this concept by pointing out biblically one could claim that Satan was the "positive" person in the garden of Eden, which leaves God being the "negative" one, denying Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit. Many similar examples can be pulled from the scriptures, including most prophets who preached doom and gloom, while the false prophets spoke positively.

Throughout the gospels, the same can be found of Messiah; Yahusha in the garden, rebuking the Pharisees, rebuking Peter (get behind me Satan), and of course Messiah on the cross. When Peter tried to be "positive" and dissuade Messiahs' need to die, he was rebuked. No apostle, prophet, or Messiah Himself, was ever quoted as saying anything such as, "you just need a positive attitude," "you're sick because you believe you are," "think yourself rich" or any number of false positive thinking claims that are not based at all on the Scriptures.

Let's listen to an scriptural comparison of a typical message from Pastor Joel Osteen's in this video (4:46 minutes) by Dave Hunt;

Dave Hunt vs Joel Osteen - Part 2 (for mobile)

Another very good book authored by Dave Hunt is "The Seduction of Christianity" that helps shine the light on many of the common false doctrines within our Christian churches today. Here's a quick video (16:53 minutes) recap of this book with some quotes by a YouTuber;

Pt 1 Dave Hunt's "The Seduction of Christianity" Exposes Napoleon Hill (for mobile)

Disclaimer: While I don't agree with every teaching from Dave Hunt, such as the Rapture and eschatology teachings, or that "Jesus" was even the name of Messiah (Yahusha or Yahshua are more accurate), he is very strong on these topics of psychology, new age occultism, and positive thinking.

Locate many free teachings by Dave Hunt on YouTube and more free resources at The Berean Call website (https://thebereancall.com/).

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