• Bryan Tims

Is Divine Healing Biblical?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

In our society, we have mega-churches, youth groups, and deliverance ministries that are more akin to secular music concerts and shows then a biblical example of the followers of Christ. The average so-called Christian church-goer spends much more time choosing their coffee latte then "studying themselves approved" as we are commanded (in a book, titled "The Holy Bible" for those uncertain).

Wolves hidden within the Church as Preachers

In the video below I will be discussing my experiences and what I have learned about divine healing, also often called by the title "Deliverance Ministries." I'm highly recommended you all to read the article from Arthur W. Pink, "DIVINE HEALING: Is it Scriptural?" Below the video is a link to a FREE PDF version.

Arthur W. Pink, "DIVINE HEALING: Is it Scriptural?"

http://www.godrules.net/library/pink/239pink1.htm (for mobile)

God Bless, and remain faithful to the Lord and His Truth!

- Bryan Timsah

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