• Bryan Tims

Importance of Daniel 9 Prophecy

I wanted to highly recommend a resource to better understand the prophecy of Daniel chapter 9, and especially the 70th week. This is regarding a book by author David Nikao Wilcoxson called, "The 70th Week of Daniel 9 DECODED." On my podcast, I provide some keys to understanding the importance of the prophecy, so we can be true defenders of the faith. This is a vital prophecy that has been diluted by false teachers. Deceivers teach that the 70th week of Daniel hasn't been fulfilled, which would make Yahuah a liar and this prophecy false.

Also, we must understand that the Hebrews of Messiah's day expected the Messiah to come! Anyone who knew of Daniel 9, which would have been taught in the synagogues at the time, would have had the understanding that Messiah is to come soon. In the gospel, even the Samaritans knew "Messiah is to come." John the Baptist was flooded with questions of, "are you the Messiah?", which he refuted.

Podcast on the Importance of Daniel 9

Link for mobile: https://anchor.fm/Biblical-Discernment/episodes/Importance-of-Daniel-9-ejt3c3

Here's a solid overview video by the author with the full cycle of the 490 year prophecy.

Visit the website at: https://70thweekofdaniel.com/ for more details and resources on this topic.

Shalom brothers and sisters in Yahusha Messiah!

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