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Idolatry in the Church

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This is a major issue within our churches with idolatry. Images of the "so called" Jesus (was not Messiah's name) is flooded in our church buildings, bibles, homes, etc. We are commanded by Elohim to worship no image under heaven or in the heavens (heavenly scroll/stars, moon, sun). Even the images portrayed as Jesus were created much later than when he walked the earth. Rumor has it, the man was Cesare Borgia's likeness used for these photos. Obviously, Messiah had already been raised from the dead when these photos was created and no undisputed image of him exists today.

In addition, even if we knew his likeness; any drawings, statues, or false images would still represent idolatry and a fall away from God the Father. The final image of the Messiah in scripture is with his face "as the sun." Religious movements debating Christs race and ethnicity also get trapped into creating false images of a black Jesus (or pick any race). It's all blasphemy to God.

Here's a great sermon on this topic and how its corrupted the churches;


Please remove all false images of Elohim, the Messiah, crosses, fish, etc. from your home, vehicles, bibles, and anywhere else! Repent of any idolatry in your life and be saved before Yahushua Messiah returns one final time!

- Be Blessed


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