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Halloween's Pagan Origins

Since the Halloween holiday is quickly approaching, let's discuss its origins and if believers should be participating in such practices.

Throughout history, many of the origins of pagan and religious festivals, practices, and even rituals have been diluted from mainstream knowledge. Read through the image (on the left) to see a few examples of what many believers today believe are "innocent" behaviors for them and their children to participate in. Even modern so-called "churches" do Halloween haunted houses or truck or treats for their congregations and local communities.

I discuss my general view of Halloween on my podcast below:

Podcast: Introduction on Halloween's Pagan Origin

Here's a very good overview below of why believers in Yahusha the Messiah must not follow the ways of this world, including the Halloween holiday.

Visual History of Halloween:

Source: https://anglaispourlebac.com/2013/10/13/the-story-behind-halloween-myths-and-legends/

Link: https://youtu.be/NgRrlktpRQs

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