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False Teacher Series: Prophecy of the Month Clubs

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I need to warn the brethren about a highly deceptive and troubling movement that has grown within our corrupt Christian churches. Increasingly, self-proclaimed prophet's and apostle's are taking to social media (especially YouTube), to make prophecy's of the month, season, and year for people. These are "wolves in sheep's clothing" and speak of their "own imaginations."

False Teacher Series: Prophecy of the Month Clubs

These people have fallen into the modern New Apostalic Reformation (NAR) movement belief that we have modern day apostles and prophets. These NAR churches promote that anyone can prophecy, but also that it's okay to make mistakes in doing so! They try to make Elohim the liar, while they push their own vain imaginations onto people weighted in sins and the lust of the flesh. The true premise here is that these people don't believe in the sufficiency of Scripture. They teach and preach as if Elohim speaks directly to and through them, even when it contradicts the Bible. Such people are usually also tied into the prosperity gospel, aka "name it, and claim it" crowd.

"For, uttering loud boasts of folly, they entice with licentious passions of the flesh men who have barely escaped from those who live in error. They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption" (2 Peter 2:18-19, RSV).

The prophecy of the month pundits usually focus on a key "word" or "phrase" that they claim as a "word of the Lord." Let's listen to one of these to see if you catch any issues.

Kay Nash-April Prophetic Word (for mobile)

First off, not only is her saying "Jesusss" while moaning weirdly, it's also not a biblical manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Rather, this can be one sign of a Kundalini spirit that often mimics the Holy Spirit with false signs and lying wonders.

Next, her word of the month is "rising now." Okay, what does that even mean? She then rambles on incoherently with buzz words of "unusual sightings," "rise," "come up higher," and "come up to the resurrection" that have a cash value of $0.00. How do I rise or "step into" the resurrection? This is the standard modus operandi (MO) of such false prophets. They speak things to "tickle" the ears. It's all regarding personal success, happiness, and prosperity in this corrupt world. In direct opposition, the Scriptures teach that the true believer will be hated and have many tribulations. If the world loves us, we should be worried.

Here's a short one from 2018.

Prophecy for the Month-June 2018 (for mobile)

Again, when you play several of these the lingo is very much the same. It's all lollipops and rainbows, while the Bible speaks of something coming known as "the Day of the Lord" and the great "white throne Judgement." The lie of the enemy is to build your own kingdom in this world that is passing away. This would be to build on the sand as Messiah speaks of. Rather, build on the Gospel for things eternal. We are still to take care of our families and "work with your hands" in this world. Yet, to pursue wealth and success as your primary aim in life is a slippery-slope to greed.

These false prophet's vernacular has become so redundant that Chris Rosebrough, with Fighting for the Faith ministries does a "Prophecy Bingo" that has the buzz words commonly used. Chris does a wonderful job of playing excepts of false teachers and then showing the actual biblical text and proper interpretation. He's very funny and these are a great way to build on your understanding of the Bible in these troubled times.

Dumpster Fire: April's Foolish Prophecies (for mobile)

I firmly believe that these are tied to the occult and no difference to fortune telling, which is an abomination to YHUH (YaHUaH). Such people are "clouds without water" and "wells without water" who await the Judgement.

Be blessed in Messiah Yahusha,

- Bryan Timsah

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