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False Teacher Series: Derek Prince

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This one will likely shock many Christians and some will disagree whole heartily. Remain with me to the end and you will have some major considerations and you'll be more informed to decide if you still should be listening to Derek Prince's ministry or not.

Prince is a well known author of many books within modern Christianity. He even had me fooled for many years, but as I studied scripture more, and seen how his ministry changed, the flaws became more apparent.

Let's start with a question:

What is the central foundation of a believers (Christian's) faith?

If you answered, The Bible (or Scriptures), that is correct! The Scriptures are indeed the foundation of our faith. It is the foundation for all believers theology, even as many disagree on some doctrines. A major mistake in modern churches is the temptation to use the scripture and make it akin to mysticism and even witchcraft. This is exactly the affects of the "Spiritual Warfare Movement" (SWM), which was heavily promoted by Derek Prince over his long preaching career. With many of these false teachers, they have hundreds or even thousands of stories of supernatural healings, spiritual insights, generational curses, visions and dreams, and even physical manifestations.

In the video below Derek Prince claims that demons cause nail biting, addictions, and even names demons based on symptoms people have. Virtually none of these teachings are taught in scripture.

While teaching against "doctrines of demons" it seems Price fell for teaching exactly this in his long preaching career. Many of his books are on demons and spiritual warfare.

Sadly, these false teachers are usually of high esteem to the world (believers and non-believers) since they are friends to the world. They teach on spiritual warfare, demons, meditation, and many common occult topics - only supported with a few scriptures. Much of Derek Prince's teachings focus on his personal experiences with the supernatural world. Of course, he attributes those activities to "God," "Jesus Christ" or "demons" and "curses." But, we know scripture tells us that Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive many. Prince would often brag about talking to demons, asking their names, and even admitted to adjusting his theology according to what these demons claimed; as if demons tell the truth!

Does any false teacher or false prophet know they are false? Absolutely not. Derek Prince was a Greek scholar and teacher of the scriptures and yet even he got trapped into the false doctrine of spiritual warfare. That's scary for the average believer who fears the Heavenly Father. But, Elohim has called the lowly of heart, the humble, and the poor to be saved.

Here's another great resource on this topic (as mentioned in the following video): https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2014/11/derek-prince-false-teacher-wolf-in.html

In conclusion, please view the below in depth video which exposes Derek Prince's past and additional proof that he was indeed a false teacher;

Pray for discernment in these trying times.

Be Blessed,

- Bryan Timsah

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