False Teacher Series: David Hogan

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This new blog series will cover a modern day false teacher within the Christian church.

David Hogan
Self-proclaimed Apostle David Hogan

Today we look into a very popular person within the charismatic and Bethel Church (Redding, CA) movements. Self-proclaimed as an apostle and prophet, David Hogan knows how to put on a show and is an epic story teller.

"For men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving..." - 2 Timothy 3:2-3

When I first came across Hogan on YouTube, he drew my interest because of his down-to-earth speaking style, brash personality (and without apology), and his claims of the miraculous healings. He tells many stories of raising the dead, miraculous healings, and very powerful spiritual encounters that he and his followers have supposedly experienced. Sure, he preaches Jesus Christ but after watching him over time, some red flags came up.

Watch this clip and see if you can discern any issues with David Hogan;

David Hogan (for mobile)

Did you check out his crudeness, and when rebuked by others he insults them claiming they have a religious spirit. This mimics the new age church model. Notice the lack of respect for the bible, believers, and everything is stories and laughing.

A Witness Testimony

This online testimony of Brian Karjala, speaks a first-hand experience with David Hogan that provides us a glimpse into his teachings. We will review some of his article, while placing the link to the full article at the bottom of this post.

"In September of 1997 at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, I attended a Sunday night service at the urging of a family member who had heard great things about a traveling evangelist who was scheduled to visit.  The evangelist's name was David Hogan.  The church had promoted the man as a great healer and was excited to have him come..."

"The self-described apostle shared with the congregation how he had established churches throughout regions in Mexico.  I also learned first-hand that Hogan's claim to fame were his stories about how God had used his ministry to raise people from the dead.  He testified to having been present for 23 incidents where people were brought back to life after being dead.  (Members of his Freedom Ministries claim to have participated in over 200 resurrection miracles.)  Though there wasn't any substantiating evidence to support his claims I nonetheless applauded his various stories, as did the majority of the people in attendance."

"The man spent a lot of time sharing with the congregation the things he claimed God was doing through his ministry.  I learned that the "slain in the Spirit" phenomenon (where people fall backwards and lie on the ground for often long periods of time) was the predominant sign of his ministry (an interesting sign considering that the practice was nonexistent in the biblical ministry accounts of the early Christians but is associated with people who belong to various sects that hold heretical beliefs).  He elaborated about the many times human bodies were "plastered" on the grounds at the places he had "ministered" (which is the same kind of prefatory speech other modern-day "revivalists" use to condition their audiences for the purpose of making them desire the experience)..."

" There were only a few minutes devoted to reading and teaching from the Scriptures, that is, if you count the time Hogan was distracted from his preaching by episodes of uncontrollable laughter (called "holy" laughter by many Charismatics).  He didn't seem to have any problem with the interruptions, though, nor did some in the congregation who found it amusing.  At first it surprised me that there were people who didn't find Hogan's bizarre behavior offensive...Hogan's lack of respect in reading from the Scriptures was tolerated because he wasn't invited to the church to teach from God's Word.  The church marketed him as a healer, not a teacher.  He was invited to put on a show.  A show that was said to be inspired by the "Spirit" (but which spirit really? ...read on to find out)."

From this testimony, we've already highlighted several troubling teachings of David Hogan. Let's recap some of these before continuing;

  • Proclaims himself to be an apostle. However, we know from scripture that an apostle had to be a direct witness to Jesus Christ and appointed by Him.

  • Makes outrageous and unsubstantiated claims. Claiming to raise the dead, heal major medical conditions.

  • Pride and boastfulness. He spends and estimated 98% of his ministry bragging about himself and his ministry. Sure he does preach Jesus too, but the primary star of the show is always David Hogan and his amazing feats.

  • Lack of Scripture. Like many false teachers, the bible is used sparingly. Hogan will often take very small phrases (2 or 3 words) and preach on that as he pumps up the audience into a frenzy.

  • Slain in the spirit. This unbiblical sign with people being "plastered" to the floor is more akin to the occult then the Holy Spirit.

  • Uncontrollable laughter. As mentioned in my "Supernatural Junkies" article, this is a common sign of the Kundalini demonic spirit.

  • Lack of respect for scripture. While claiming to hold God's Word to a higher standard, he sure glosses over it's many words to select only a few. Meanwhile, he babbles on about his great feats that as far as we know are only from his imagination.

Let us continue with Mr. Karjala's personal testimony;

"As the service progressed (or further deteriorated) I positioned myself near to where Hogan was "ministering" so that I could watch him more carefully as he interacted with the people who were continually crowding around him...Strangely enough (strange was the theme of the night), the man's strength began to fail him and his balance had to be supported by others as he tried to remain standing.  Seeing this prompted me to try and help him.  But when I offered him the cup of water through a gesture the only response I received was an empty stare followed by a quick shrug away from me.  That shrug happened, though, after the both of us had glanced at one another and I was able to clearly see the hideous look in his eyes.  This made me shudder with a feeling of shame for knowing that I had earlier in the night desired him to pray for me.  I don't believe the kind of personal anguish I saw in his face and darkness in his eyes was expressive of the spirit residing within a man who is truly anointed."

"One of the most interesting spectacles I witnessed from the man was the second of two actions (that directly contradicted the first).  At the start of the service Hogan made a specific point to jump up and down on the stage to show people how great he was feeling.  In sharp contrast, though, nearing the end of the service he was drained of all energy, his speech became soft and slurred, and he could no longer stand with his own strength!  But it was not a natural exhaustion.  Something happened to bring him to a point of complete futility.  (What exactly it was that happened makes for an interesting topic of debate and speculation.  Many will tell you that "spiritual drunkenness" is a blessing, but it is a phenomenon associated with the worst kind of proven deceivers.He also lost the effect to "slay" people...Hogan's deteriorating condition rendered him useless.  This prompted his entourage to end the service and drag him (literally) out of the church leaving behind people who were in need of prayer."

  • Grows weak through healing. This sounds more like occultism then Christianity.

  • Hogan demonstrates more contempt for people then the love of God. Through his many stories, he is highly aggressive, rude, and often slow to help others.

  • Darkness and anguish in his eye's. Eye's are the door to the soul, this is scary for Hogan.

David Hogan's Encounter

Hogan self describes his receiving of the Holy Spirit after he had fasted for many days and suddenly he was thrown across the room and hit the wall. Another article by "Test All Things" (https://testallthings.com/2007/03/19/david-hogan/ ) helps us get a clear picture of David Hogan.

Hogan explains what happened to him:

“I am ripped off of that bed and slammed into the wall. It was not a demon, it was the Holy Ghost. Revelation knowledge like I have never known in my life began to unfold in my mind. … [I began] writing down pages and pages of revelation knowledge from heaven. … This is the big one!”

Anybody who is familiar with occultic practices, would know this is known as “automatic handwriting...”

David Hogan, a known lair

In the Test All Things article, it quotes a friend of Hogan's that admitted he had issues.

"A Mexican man named Alvin LaVaughn Landry was a lifelong friend of Hogan’s and served in Hogan’s mission from 1983-1993. Few have been closer.

Landry openly disclosed that:"

“David’s problems go way back and he has been telling tall tales his whole life. I have caught him in so many lies that I have lost track.”

He was then asked if Hogan was a pathological liar. Alvin Landry said, “Yes”

Landry says: “David picks up people to work for him that are insecure or with troubled backgrounds or in a crisis. His main thing is control. He controls like a gang leader. … He uses all kinds of profanity and covers it by saying that you should say all that is in your heart. He has expressed very immoral and vulgar things about women using the rationale that if you say it out, you won’t do it. … He treats women like mules. … His authority can’t be challenged. … Somebody needs to stand up. … He has serious mental problems.”

The Demonic Activity

In some of Hogans' video testimonies, he brags that on several occasions, the church worship team would stop playing, while the instruments kept playing by themselves supernaturally. Of course, David Hogan attributes this to God and the Holy Spirit. However, this has no biblical bases but rather fits in with demonic activity.

The Bethel Connection

It's worth noting that David Hogan's connection with Bethel Church in Redding, CA is no accident in my opinion. In fact, his involvement likely helped usher in the new age and occultic activities Bethel has demonstrated increasingly the last several years. This should give us another major red flag on Hogan.

Another good video about how ridiculous Hogan's stories are.

Link: https://youtu.be/Xfg_AjpIf3A

Seek YHUH (YaHUaH) and His Son, Yahusha Messiah and remain in the Scriptures daily to not be deceived in these last days!

Be blessed in Messiah,

- Bryan

The full testimony of Brian Karjala, "Deception in the Church, Hogan not a Hero" is here

Test All Things article, "David Hogan" is here

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