Deliverance Ministries of Lies

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Deliverance Ministries of Lies
Deliverance Ministries Leading Lambs to the Slaughter

This post will give a solid overview of the non-biblical foundation of what's known as Christian Deliverance Ministries, Inner Healers, and Spiritual Warfare, found all over America and around the world.

My Inner Healing Experience

Several years ago I had gone to a local Deliverance Ministry to help me through a personal trial. They spoke about "Jesus," the Bible and ministered to people in need at no cost (donations only) and they were very friendly and sincere in their Ministry. I even felt that maybe this is where God wanted me to minister to others. I decided maybe this was my call by God, so I joined the free ministry training. Each Minister was supplied a worksheet to utilize that had steps they would follow to identify and remove demonic strongholds and past memories. They would have you go back too traumatic past moments and visualize Jesus making things right for just simply listening to Jesus or whatever he is telling you spiritually. It was a very unique experience for me since I had never dealt with anything relating to spiritual warfare, casting out demons or inner healing techniques. They have had many reported successes and healings over the years. However, after a few times of training, something didn't feel right in my spirit. I couldn't put my finger on what exactly bothered me. After about four Ministry training sessions that I attended I just felt like God calling me elsewhere so I stopped going.

It wasn't until years later while reading a book by author Dave Hunt the book called Occult Invasion. In this book, he talks about the deception of inner healing and its ties to secularized psychology and even the occult. As I read this book I recalled some of the methods utilized by the Deliverance Ministry just a few years before. Suddenly, it became crystal clear on why my spirit was bothered. It had to do with our methods which did not seem biblical by any standard. In the Bible nowhere does it declare for disciples to utilize worksheets and techniques dealing with the mind in order to overcome demonic spiritual forces. Rather such teachings are the wisdom of men in psychology and science of mind. Just the fact that the Ministries teaching was very robotic did not feel right, largely because it was not biblical. I even recalled as they initially preached to the people in need at the end of the service for the ministers came to pray individually they would play an audio of demon screaming as if we're coming out of people. Why do we need an audio of demon screaming a word and they would literally scream come out? It's a cheap imitation of the true Messiah. As I have already discussed visualization techniques and the corruption of such things we should know by now visualizing Messiah is not biblical but rather demonic.

Regression therapy is thought to help patients of past wrongs and yet there's proof the exact opposite is true. That such therapy is forcing incorrect memories to be planted into the subconscious mind of innocent victims. To even allow another person to metal with our mind should speak to the depravity and lack of knowing a true and almighty Elohim (God). But of course, in our society, it becomes normalized over time and over Generations. My first teachings arise they are often dealt with tenaciousness by the church but slowly that tenaciousness diminishes, True Believers no longer stand in the gap as they grow tired. Then the enemy grows in strength and overtakes them. Suddenly we have a new movement that cannot be stopped a movement that eventually grows into the churches such as psychology and inner healing.

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