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Biblical Cosmology - Part 1

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

First, let me state that I know that this subject will not be well received by most people, including Christians today. We have all been taught for over 500 years a belief system around our worlds cosmology. Since a small child, we are given globes to study and see these images in movies, cartoons, the news, books, and taught in every school and university all over the world.

Let's start with a simple question;

Question: "In your lifetime, will you ever physically (with your own eyes) see the entire earth?"

Most people have to say "No" to this question. Only a select few (so we are told) go to "space" and no real signs of common affordable space travel exists today.

However, the point is this;

"Since you will never see the entire earth’s cosmology (with your own eyes) – then a level of “faith” is required - no matter one’s belief of earth’s cosmology."

One's faith can be based in religion, science, or a statue or image. Most today have faith in science or what's often termed “Scientism,” so let’s define it.


[ sahy-uh n-tiz-uh m ]


1) the style, assumptions, techniques, practices, etc., typifying or regarded as typifying



2) the belief that the assumptions, methods of research, etc., of the physical and biological sciences are equally appropriate and essential to all other disciplines, including the humanities and the social sciences.

3) scientific or pseudo-scientific language.

*Retrieved online on 2/19/2020 from:


In our society today, through our educational systems, certain people are labeled “scientists” of varying subject matters. They may author articles or books on scientific concepts and theories, many teach in universities.

Now, let’s ask ourselves a few more questions.

“How many of these “scientists” ever physically (with their own eyes) see the entire earth?"
“How do you scientifically test something you cannot view?”

Sample gathering, astronomy, and pictures (images) can provide some foundational theories and perhaps even some scientific conclusions, this creates a very compartmentalized examination. Again, there's a level of faith needed for even these "scientists" and teachers to operate and function in society. Deniers of the status quo on earths cosmology, leads to de-funding, de-platforming, loss of credibility within the scientific community, and even removal from positions.

I choose faith in my Elohim (God) and His Scriptures over the writings and traditions of men and atheistic scientists.

In conclusion, I only ask that you please keep an open mind as we move forward in this series on Biblical Cosmology. In Part 2, I plan to begin searching the Scriptures to reveal what earth YHUH (YaHUaH) claimed He created.

Be Blessed!

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